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Join our community of BEACON Property Data Collection partners!

What does a BEACON PDC partner do?

A BEACON PDC partner gathers subject property data for purposes of home valuation or condition inspections. We are looking for partners in your area!

  • Why join the BEACON PDC team?

    • Competitive pay and timely payments
    • Flexible schedules:
      • Choose only the assignments you want!
    • Mobile, user-friendly software to streamline PDC process:
      • All work is completed on site
      • No additional reporting or measurements are required; the app handles everything!
    • Free training and customer support
    • Complete orders for multiple clients
  • How does the BEACON PDC process work?

    • You are notified when a PDC request is received in your area.
    • If you can accept the assignment, you select a link within the mobile app to begin the process.
    • Schedule a site visit using the property contact information provided.
    • Use the PDC mobile app to answer some questions, take some photos, and record a short video if required.
    • Submit the collected information through the PDC app and the process is complete!

To join the BEACON PDC team, fill out the information below and a representative will contact you!

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Licensing Information

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Coverage Areas

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